Treatment for Hollow and Sagging Under Eye Area?

My eyebags are hollow. They seem like they have a lot of fluid in them as well. Also, I have a part on one of my eyes that sags down near my cheekbone. I've seen it on ladies 2 times my age! It makes me look tired and old and I feel very self-conscious about it. What can I do? Creams are out of the question because its hollow and sagging already! Help!

Doctor Answers 2

Sagging Eyes in a young person

Thank you for your question about your eyes. Without a photo it is hard to be sure but it sounds as though you have

  • Inherited excess lower lid fat.
  • Allergies, low thyroid and other problems can cause swelling here too,
  • See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Facial Plastic Surgeon or Opthalmologist (oculoplastic surgeon) to figure this out,
  • Usually surgery is a transconjuntival lower lid blepharopasty to remove excess fat and redrape the remaining fat is the best approach,

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