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Will I Look Extremely Swollen 9 Days After Smartlipo?

I am planning on traveling 9 days after my Smartlipo procedure on my inner/outer thighs and knees. My fear is that I will look worse than before the surgery, and I do not want to tell my family that I a visiting that I have had Smartlipo. I am wondering if I will be able to wear my normal clothes. Should I expect that the swelling will be severe?

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Most patients are not very swollen, even the next day.


Most patients are not very swollen, even the next day.  All of my patients wear a tight compression garment and I recommend that they walk for at least 30 minutes the afternoon or evening after surgery.   We see them the next day for a shower and recheck.  Most of them are not very swollen at all even the next day after surgery.

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