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I Am Having an Extreme Reaction to the Vi Peel, I'm Beet Red, Swollen, etc., Normal?

I received a ViPeel on Friday, it is now Tuesday. I did the normal peeling, now I am swollen, beet red, having splotchiness, and am peeling again. My face hurts, and it is hard to even open my mouth because of the dry skin, pain. Is this normal? I have called my plastic surgeons office, and they said it could be normal. On my own, I have started antibiotics and valtrex. The girl that gave me the peel said I had "excellent" frosting, and would get a great result. Is this normal?

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Vi Peel Reaction


Please return to the plastic surgeon's office to be evaluated.  Do not deal with this over the phone.  This does not sound like a normal reaction to a Vi Peel.  You should be past the peeling phase by now.

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