Extreme Gynocemastia Correction Techniques?

Hello, I had 4 surgical consults recently and while they all agree what I need for my lower body, they differ on fixing my breast/back area. I was presented with the widely known procedure where I would have a horizontal scar going from the front of my breasts all the way around to my back, but two of the doctors mentioned a newer technique which involved a vertical incision on the side underneath my armpit area to remedy the fat roll on the side of my breast. Is anyone familiar with this?

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ESurgery for extreme gynecomastia

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I am familiar with the different procedures. It really depends on the appearance of your gynecomastia and where your loose skin is. I doubt that pulling from the side with the vertical scar down from your armpit, alone, will cure your gynecomastia.

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Treatment of gynecomastia

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You question suggests that you have lost a lot of weight and have excess skin as well as too much breast tissue.  Without seeing a photo I cannot make a suggestion for you.  I do know, however, that there is a vertical excision technique to reduce redundant skin of the lateral chest area.  However, this will not reduce the breasts or significantly impact a skin roll that extends all the way around the back.

Bruce Genter, MD
Abington Plastic Surgeon
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