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External Scar and Bump After Rhinoplasty (2weeks Post Op)? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty to mainly correct the bump .My cast was taken off 8 days after. There was an external scar and my surgeon said that my skin was irritated. After 6 days I can see that the scar is really getting better with the medicine and I'm satisfied with the front-view. However the problem is that i still have a bump just where my scar is. My surgeon told me that it is because of the edema caused by the scar. But i am still concerned about the profile view.

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External Scar and Bump After Rhinoplasty (2weeks Post Op)?


From the posted photos you are till in the early stages of healing. So edema/swelling still has not resolved YET! Be more patient and allow the healing process to progress. 

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