Need of Extensive Revisional Lower Eyelid Surgery. Does Anyone Know of a Good Reconstructive Surgeon in the South?

I am in need of an extensive lower eyelid revision at this point due to the effects of several bad cosmetic surgeries to correct rounding of lower eyelids. My eyes appear deformed at this point. The last surgeon was an oculoplastic surgeon. I found out later, after requesting the surgical report, that he excised even more lower lid skin and then had to suture the corners of my eyes together in order to hold them together.

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Need lower lid revision

An excellent doctor is Dr.Michael Patipa who is in the west Palm Beach area.I know he has been in practice for over 20 years and would be someone to consult with.

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Lower eyelid experts - realistic expectations for lower eyelid revision surgery

As my collagues have suggested, there are several fine surgeons in your area to consult with.  But there is a bigger issue.

Nobody else has said it, so I will.

Many lower eyelid patients simply will not return to their normal state, no matter whom they see in consultation or who operates on them.  I have seen multiple revision cases by the best of the best.  Often, the improvements were modest and by no means perfect.  While this is not good news ot hear, and I by no means know any of the particulars of your case, at some point the patient has had enough surgery and it is time to stop.  Surgery should only be done if there is a definite and focused plan.

The procedures you describe great dissatisfaction with are absolutely appropriate for severe lower eyelid retraction and ectropion.

Brent Moelleken, MD
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Lower eyelid specialist

There are alot of excellent eyelid surgeons in the South. You can first start by going to the ASPS or ASAPS websites to search for doctors in your area.

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You need a post cosmetic surgery reconstructive specialist.

Dear Susiept

Michael Patipa, M.D. in West Palm Beach is also an excellent choice for this type of work.


Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Lower Eyelid Surgery in Florida

I am sorry that you are having this problem.  I would recommend that you see Steven Fagien who is an outstanding oculplastic and cosmetic surgeon in Boca Raton.

Marc Cohen, MD
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Lower lid experts in the south

Dr. Mark Codner and Clinton McCord in Atlanta are both experts at this.  Dr. Steven Faigen in FL is also considered to be expert.

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