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How Many Drains Should I Expect with Extended Tummy Tuck Plus Lipo?

Extended TT w/ Lipo (Ab, Waist & Hip Rolls) & Lipo Hip & Cir. Thighs - How Many Drains? I am having the above in Sept. How many drains should I expect to have -- one, two, three? What affect does the amount of drains have on recovery, if any?

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Drains with tummy tuck plus lipo


I have a drain which exits the skin in one place but functions as two. However, surgeons vary in their placement of drains with some using none, one, or two.

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Drain placement after tummy tuck and liposuction


Every surgeon has their preferences on drain placement, number of drains and how long the drains are left in place.  With the extensive surgery that you are having, your surgeon may choose to place one or more drains.  Some surgeons will drain only the abdominoplasty site, other surgeons place drains for liposuction also.  I typically place one drain for my abdominoplasty which when you are placed in a compression garment, should effectively drain the torso.  The drain is then left in place until there is less than 20cc over a 24 hour period.  I do not place drains for liposuction.  The drain can easily be hidden under most clothing, and should not significantly alter your everday activities.  Good Luck!

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Tummy Tuck Drain Tubes may not be needed


I will use one or two drains depending on the nature of the procedure for extensive flap dissections.  In select cases, drains may be eliminated with use of a fibrin glue or an internal quilting technique.

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Drains to expect with extended tummy tuck plus lipo


I can only answer in a range because I can not see you over the internet. Possible # of drains from 2 to 4 are usually used. But there are always exceptions to the rule.


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