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Will Exfoliation and Bleaching Help with TCA Burn?

Is regular exfoliation with glycolics and the usage of bleaching creams and gels beneficial to a completely healed TCA burn, assumming that it did not go too deep?

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Gentle care should be taken along with bleaching creams if you have hyperpigmentation.


Thank you for your question.

If you had a vigorous TCA peel that has left you with some hyperpigmentation, your best options are time and the application of a bleaching cream such as hydroquinone 4-6%. Assuming you did not get too deep, nearly 100% of post-peel hyperpigmentation resolves. Hypopigmentation is much more difficult and much more likely to stay.

I would avoid any other peels, exfoliations, microdermabrasions, or other procedures that peel the skin or cause irritation for now.

Hope that helps!

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