17 days post implant exchange, what are my limitations? I still have pain, is this normal?

17 days since implant exchange surgery (400 cc silicone), and nipple reconstruction. Am active but not exercising. Occasionally lift and carry heavy things. Trying to limit it. Can I do damage carrying groceries or briefly lifting something heavy? If so, what kind of damage and how would I be aware of it? Still have some pain beneath my breasts (especially after exertion) and aches now and then. Is this normal at this stage?

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Every surgeon is different!

I put all of my patients into physical therapy to avoid stiffness and soreness.Please find an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and member of the Aesthetic Society using the Smart Beauty Guide. These Plastic Surgeons can guide you on all aspects of facial surgery, breast augmentation and body procedures including tummy tucks or mommy makeovers!

Limitations after Breast Surgery

I am sure your Surgeon gave you a list of "do's and dont's" after Surgery. This recommendations are given to you to make your recovery smooth and as complication free as possible. 

It really is not in your best interest to ask us to justify and negotiate your actions via the Internet when you have a Surgeon who knows you, your Surgery and the limitations reasonable for you. 

Please follow the instructions of your Surgeon and if there are any questions about them ask him to explain the reasons for them.

Guido P. Gutter MD
Evansville Plastic Surgeon
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17 days post op augmentation

I think that it would be best to ask your surgeon what limitations in activity he recommends at this point.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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