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What Exercises Are Safe 2-weeks Post-op from Abdominal and Chest Liposuction?

37 yr old male here: I am 2-weeks post-op from liposuction to my upper & lower abdomen, chest, love handles, and back lower bra area. What kind of exercises can I do to help speed recovery at this point and prevent adhesions from forming?

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What exercise can I do 2 weeks after Lipo?


This is very dependent on how much you had removed and your overall health. With large volume liposuction, you are at greater risk of forming fluid collections or developing late bleeding complications. At this time, it would be best to wear compression garments at all times to the treated areas. Gentle massaging of the areas can help speed recovery and decrease swelling and bruising. After another 2 weeks, you can begin with low impact type of exercises. As always, consult your surgeon for their specific recommendations. Hope this helps.

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