Exercise After Cheek, Chin, Orbital Rim Implants and a Few Other Operations

I am getting surgery on March 15th but I have a mini marathon run of almost 4 miles on April 2nd and 10th. Please tell me I can still participate in these events! If I temporarily swell a bit more I am okay with that, as long as it doesn't cause permanent damage or knock my implants crooked. I will take extra care to not hit anything but I would still like to run at my max pace. Also, what kind of training can I still do immediately after my surgery? I want to be in the best shape possible.

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Activity after implant surgery

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You should be asking your surgeon as different doctors have different aftercare protocols. If you cannot do so for some reason that isa red flag. If he/she already gave you an answer that you do not like coming here for an answer that you do like is not a good idea and possibly another red flag.

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