Erbium Fractional Lasers and CO2 Procedure. How Long Should I Wait Between? (photo)

How long after a fractional laser treatment should I wait before having a C02 procedure. I had disappointing results with Erbium Fractional, especially around the mouth. Please see attached photos 3 months post. I understand C02 is necessary to remove such lines. Have also been told I need to wait 6 months after any fractional treatment before C02. Is there consensus on this? All and any suggestions wanted!! Thank you kindly.

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Ablative fractional laser treatments can be repeated safely after a 3 month healing period

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Although there is documentation of continued collagen stimulation for 6 months or more following an ablative laser treatment, it is safe to repeat treatments after 3 months. This is the time interval used for repeating fractional CO2 treatments in the FDA clearance study for the Fraxel Re:Pair laser. Using just a fractional ablative laser ,improvement in the 30-50 % range can be anticipated. If this fractional treatment is combined with pulsed CO2 and pulsed erbium lasers for sculpting and precisely smoothing the wrinkles, improvement of greater than 75% can be achieved.This last procedure however requires far more expertise than just using the fractional laser. However I do agree that the fractional CO2 should out - perform the fractional erbium laser for lip wrinkle correction.

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