Epicanthoplasty Scars?

Hi, i am 18 years old is going for double eyelid surgery in 2 months time. I am planning to also undergo epicanthoplasty. However, i am rather concerned about the scars. Will the scars be less noticeable on a younger person than an older person? Usually in what kind of situations will a person who is undergoing epicanthoplasty able to avoid having scars? And also, is it true that epicanthoplasty can enhance the nose bridge?

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Epicanthoplasty scars usually heal well.


One of the drawbacks of medial epicanthoplasty is that the scars may be noticeable for a few weeks and occasionally few months but they usually heal very well. 


New York Plastic Surgeon
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Epicanthoplasty incisions can heal well


If you are a non-smoker and generally heal without problems, the medial epicanthoplasty incisions generally heal well. The procedure is technique-dependent as well as patient dependent.

Charles S. Lee, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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