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Is Endymed 3deep RF Better Than Ematrix for Acne Scarring?

Comparison of the two RF devices, which one is better for acne scarring?

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Endymed 3deep RF versus eMatrix - Williamsville, NY

There are no 'head on' studies comparing eMatrix to EndyMed 3deep.

Our experience, as well, is limited to the more popular eMatrix procedure which has substantially more clinical studies validating it ...

Dr. Karamanoukian

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Comparing RF Devices for Acne Scarring

Since the experience we have is with eMatrix, it's not possible to provide a results-driven comparison. The advantage of eMatrix in our eyes when we were making a selection is the long time experience of the company behind the technology.

There are typically multiple companies which provide similar technology for similar skin problems. Many of them are equally efficient but it is not often you will find a practice which has two versions of the same technology to be able to make a direct comparison. (Though some teaching university clinics will have that advantage.)

I'd recommend visiting practices that have these two systems and look at photos - sometimes you can even get a connection to a patient who has already had the treatment and who will share their personal experience.

RF for acne scarring helps reduce the risk of post treatment pigmentation - which is a potential problem for those who genetically have more pigment in their skin and undergo laser treatments. (Scandinavian skin types are prime candidates for actual laser - your genetic background does matter in making choices in today's skin treatments.)

No matter which fractional treatment you go with, be aware that acne scarring demands multiple treatments over a period of time to allow progressive collagen response.

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