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Ice Pick Acne Scars - EMatrix Vs Profractional Laser?

Hi have ice pick acne scars in both of my cheeks. I visited two Laser clinics and both referred me to different treatments. One recommended Profractional Laser with Micro Laser Peel and the another recommended the eMatrix sublative treatment. I am 25 year old Asian women (light brown skin tone). Kindly direct me which would be the right option for better results for my skin tone. I have attached the before photo of my cheek.

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Ice pick acne scars in ethnic skin


my preference is to treat this type of scar with a fractionated CO2 laser system. I think this allows a certain depth of injury which helps improve these scars. Because you have ethnic skin ( pigment) we have to be more careful with your skin and often decrease our settings ( less aggressive). This means you will likely require more treatments to accomplish the same goal. Very deep acne scars are best treated with simple excision and closure( trading an acne scar for a better controlled scar).

Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Ice pick acne scar treatments


Fractional resurfacing improves ice pick acne scars, however, even though micro laser peel is an excellent treatment for shallow surface irregularities, I would be concerned about pigmentation changes after this treatment, particularly now that we are heading into the sunnier time of the year.

I would recommend waiting until the fall to have the fractional resurfacing, using a broad specrum sunscreen during the summer and using a bleaching cream for a month before and a month after each fractional treatment for acne scars.

Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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