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How does EMatrix Brighten Dull Skin?

I read that eMatrix is really great as making the skin look bright and healthy. ( Is it the best treatment for brightening the skin. How does it compare to other procedures?

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...other better procedures for brightening dull skin

ematrix is an excellent modality to treat acne scars, improve skin tone, and decrease wrinkles, however to brighten dull skin, I would lean towards other treatments, such as 1927 Fraxel, or a micropeel using erbium, or even better still, a combination treatment of BBL / IPL and 1927 Fraxel. 

Don't forget your skin care regime of A, B ,C s and using regular vitamin a peels, or glycolic peels, coupled with a strict SPF sunscreen regime. 

Hope this answers your question. 

Dr Davin Lim
Consultant Cosmetic Dermatologist

Brisbane Dermatologist
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