Electrolysis After Liposuction?

I've been getting Electrolysis done on my stomach for a year now, and I'm getting Liposuction done on the same area as well pretty soon. Is that okay, and can I continue to have Electrolysis done on my stomach after surgery?

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Absolutely you can have liposuction and electrolysis of the same area


 There is no reason you cant have both electrolysis and liposuction of your abdomen. I would just wait about 6 weeks to make sure every thing has healed well. I would also consider using laser hair removal as apposed to electrolysis 

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Wait 3 months after liposuction to have electrolysis-laser hair removal is a better option


I would wait 3 months after having liposuction of the abdomen before having electrolysis.

Electrolysis can break the skin and can cause an infection; therefore, I would wait.

Why not consider hair removal with a laser or IPL - they work and don't violate the skin.

See before and after photo of IPL hair removal

Brooke R. Seckel, MD, FACS
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