Earlobe Repair in Sf Bayarea Ca?

how much does it cost/ and doctors close to me

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I would recommend Curtis Crane, MD. He's well trained, very likable, and is passionate about his profession. I have known him for years and would let him operate on me if needed. Search Curtis Crane Brownstein if you're interested. 

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Earlobe repair

The cost of earlobe repair can vary depending on the extent of the tear and whether one or both earlobes are being repaired.  I'd be happy to evaluate you at no charge and give you an estimate for the repair if you like or I could speak with you on the phone to get more information and give you an estimate.  

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Ear Lobe Repair?

Thank you for your question.
The cost of repair will differ from surgeon to surgeon.
In my practice, I perform this procedure under local anesthesia.  The stretched out portion of the earlobe is excised (cut out) and the two "raw edges" are brought together.   
If a patient wanted to re-pierce the ears, I would ask that they wait a few months prior to re-piercing.
In our practice the cost will vary from $500-$800 depending on if we are repairing one side vs. both sides.  
I hope this helps.

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