What is a Duodenal Switch?

What is the duodenal switch surgery? Is it like gastric bypass?

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Duodenal Switch - when to consider.

     The duodenal switch operation is best for the super obese patient (BMI>50) with significant metabolic issues such as diabetes and high cholesterol.  The DS is actually even better for placing diabetes in remission (98%) as compared to Bypass (85%). Also for patients that have hyperlipedemia, this can be a better option as compared to bypass. The DS offers the patient a more "normal" eating pattern as compare to bypass and less chance of marginal ulceration and virtually no dumping.  Patients with the DS experience two to three BM s per day and sometimes the frequency of bowel movements require revision surgery as compared to bypass where patients tend to be more constipated. In the correct patient this can be an excellent option for those seeking long term weight loss.

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What is duodenal switch?

Duodenal switch is mainly a malabsorptive operation where most of the small intestine is bypassed so you don't absorb the calories you eat, but unfortunately you also don't absorb your vitamins and minerals and this procedure carries high rates of deficiencies in vitamins and minerals and protein. The gastric bypass is both restrictive and less malabsorptive.

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