Droopy Outer Corners of Lower Eyelids and Hollow Upper Eyelids

The outer corners of my lower eyelids droop and I would like them to be more elevated (slanted upwards) so there isn't as much scleral show. The lower lid of my right eye rounds downward more significantly than my right, making my eyes look asymmetrical. I've attempted researching canthopexy procedures that would elevate the outer corners of the lower lid. I also have hollowness in the upper inner corners of my eyes-can this area be filled in with a dermal filler?

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A lateral canthoplasty is needed to raise the outer angle of your eyes/lids. (Higher lateral canthus than medial canthus is more aesthetically pleasing.)  It is also possible other procedures may be necessary. An examination is needed. See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Lower lid rounding could be a natural finding


Many lower lids have a natural rounding(ectropion like) without prior surgery or accidents. As long as no eye exposure or dryness,it is better not to address it. However, technically a canthopexy could elevate the lower lid to the proper position. A filler culled be used to inject any hollow area around the eye. Care must be experienced to avoid bleeding,irregularities or excessive filling. It is ideal to use a hyaluronid acid filller as it is softer and reversible.

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