No Drain Tummy Tuck Procedure in or Near Austin,Tx I Can't Find a Doctor?

Im also looking for a price estimate..Im only 5ft 130 Im looking for a flatter stomach but from my 2 c-sections I cant seem to get rid of that flap from the cut

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I wanted to let you know that we do not allow self-promotion nor doctor referrals (from one doctor to another) on our site, but I have included a link below that may help you with your research. Also, for an estimate, please set up a consultation with one of our board certified doctors.

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Drains help you to avoid fluid pockets after surgery


Drains are small tubes that are placed under the skin during a tummy tuck so that the skin that is lifted and pulled to make your abdomen tighter, sticks down and heals properly.  Drains cause constant suction underneath the skin so that there is a vacuum created so that the tissue sticks down and heals. "No drain" tummy tuck has been popularized by surgeons that use stitches under the skin surface so that a drain is not required.  I have seen many patients from other surgeons who have had tummy tucks with no drains that have resulted in fluid pockets under the skin surface called a seroma. This requires drainage of the fluid in the office with a large needle and is a complication that can be avoided by careful use of drains.  If these fluid pockets persist, another surgery is required.  Drains may be somewhat uncomfortable during the first week of recovery but they are absolutely worth it since they help avoid complications like a fluid pocket.  

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No drain tummy tuck


I do not find many surgeons recommending a no drain tummy tuck, as the potential risk can be high for fluid collections.   Many of us do use Progressive Tension Sutures (PTS) which aid to quickly remove drains by closing the dead space.  I am able to remove mine about 50% faster with these sutures.

I would recommend that you meet with 3 board certified plastic surgeons, both who offer the "no drain" technique, and those who do not, such that you can make the most informed decision.

Dr. Gill

Paul S. Gill, MD
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Finding Plastic Surgeon for Tummy Tuck Surgery?


Generally speaking patients are much better off looking for the best plastic surgeon available to them to perform their procedure, as opposed to selecting a plastic surgeon based on procedural details such as the use of drains. Also, be careful about selecting a plastic surgeon based on  “price estimates”; remember that correction of complications may be more costly in many ways.

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