Should I Downsize my Implants or Just Relift Them?

On my second set, first were overs and sagged bad, now have unders (500cc sils) with full lift. Looked awesome for the first 1-2 yrs, now starting to get saggy and too heavy again like my overs. I run around 30 miles a week and am 5'3 110lbs very athletic. Currently a 32DD/E bra, would like to be ideally a C cup and perky. Would it be better to simply redo my lift or should I go ahead and get smaller implants too? If I just relift these will they keep sagging again? And what about the risks?

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Smaller Implants Without a Lift

As an athlete, you certainly would do well with smaller implants!

Your shape and tone appear quite good in the photograph.  I think there is a very good chance you may not need a lift.  If your skin has good elasticity, you may have a nice result without repeating the lift.

Are you expecting your breasts to remain higher on your chest than is possible to achieve?  There will always be a bit of settling after breast lift.

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Smaller Implants V.S. Breast Lifts

These are some general concepts in regards to smaller implant vs. breast lift:

  • Smaller implants allow you to have smaller cup size.
  • If you want to have a "C" cup size, you should have large implants  replaced by smaller implants.
  • Breast lift or Mastopexy is usually needed to lift the breast and create more attractive shape.
  • Once the implant are reduced in size, some reshaping (breast lift/Mastopexy) is generally needed.

Based on your anatomy, you would need a combination of smaller implants and breast lift (Mastopexy).

Please see a board certified plastic surgeon for more specific recommendations.

Hope this was helpful.

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Reoperation after Augmentation/Mastopexy

It appears that your implants are too large for your frame and breast diameter.  If indeed you would like to be a C cup, your only solution is to downsize the implants with a repeat mastopexy.  If you have a lift alone with these large implants and your level of athletic activity, your deformity will almost certainly recur.

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Smaller implants are better for athletes.

The bigger the implants, the more sagging you will eventually have, especially for a runner.  You may want to downsize and you may possibly need a lift afterwards as well. 

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Breast re-sizing and lift

It sounds like you m ay want o downsize and have a lift. Lifting the breasts will not reduct the size unless you change the implant as well.

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Discuss your options

If you are uncomfortable with the size of your breasts it is possible to downsize without having to have a lift again. If you prefer for them to sit higher on your chest, then another lift may be an option. Return to your surgeon and discuss your situation now. I understand that you are athletic and if you are displeased with the size there are options for you so you can be satisfied with your surgeon. Explain how you feel and talk with your board certified plastic surgeon about the best plan of action for your body and your health.

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May need to consider downsizing

Your result is good.  You now have a more mature looking breast with the sag.  For your frame and your lifestyle your implants are too big/heavy.  To change this you would need an implant exchange, capsule removal and/tightening and a lift.  This can be a tricky surgery and may have more complications especially involving the health of the nipple.

Dr. ES

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You need to get smaller implants

Based on the picture your implants are too big for your body. Bigger the implants,heavier are the implants and they sag faster. You will need revision mastopexy and smaller implants.

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