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Double Mastectomy Scars and Drain Tube Scars - How to Make Less Visible?

had a double massectomy 2 years ago,removed alot of tissue/fat,still have reddened scars all the way across chest and sides,have been using scar gaurd and healing oils..but NO improvments noted,could laser be option,or perhaps something else?

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Double Mastectomy Scars and Drain Tube Scars

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Yes laser IPL therapy may improve the red colour of these post operative scars. Seek in person evaluations. I might try steroidal injections to the scars also. 

Scars after mastectomy

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Uusally scars heal well at 2 years.  If they are still red, perhaps you need to see a doctor that does laser treatments for red scars.  This may help.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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