Suboxone and Breast Augmentation

If You Are on a Low Dose of Suboxone 2mg, Can You Have Breast Augmentation? Will the Pain Meds. be Enough to Help Subside the Pain?

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Suboxone and Breast Augmentation are possible together!

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Your prescribing physician can work with your plastic surgeon to decide on a good post-op pain management protocol that is both safe and effective for you. I have done this for numerous BA patients, and they have done well with this procedure. Performed as I do with minimal injury to the ribs, muscle, and other tissues, scant bleeding or bruising, and with use of long-acting local anesthetic inside the breast pocket, IV steroid during anesthesia to reduce inflammation, nausea, and swelling, (non-narcotic) muscle relaxants to reduce muscle spasm, and oral anti-inflammatory medication started pre-operative and continued post-operatively, this is usually not a painful procedure, and many patients do not need or use narcotics or synthetic narcotic pain medications post-op. If they do, many use them only for a day or two, and the other meds listed above (along with ice bags) keep them comfortable! Best wishes!

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Suboxone and Postop Pain meds

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I'm guessing that you have a pain management physician that put you on the Suboxone.  You should inform them that you are considering having a breast augmentation and ask them about postoperative pain managment. Best of luck!  David S. Rosenberg, MD

David S. Rosenberg, MD
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