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Dog Bite Scar? (photo)

Hi,i'm a 22 year old male that got biten by a dog 17 years ago got a nasty scar from it. So my question is,is there any method improve my scar? Here are some pictures from 17 years ago and now (taken whit a phone,sorry) Also sorry, ive you had trouble reading this becouse my main language isent english.

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Cheek scar treatment


Percutaneous scar release, layered skin closure after surgical excision, z plasty, and fractional laser are all the treatments I would use to improve this scar.

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A better close up photograph of the scar or an actual examination will be more helpful. Unfortunately all scars are permanent

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Dog bite scar


Unfortunately scars are permanent and with a possible revision the scar will be very red for probably up to a year.  An in person exam is essential to be properly evaluated.

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Dog Bite Scar? Yes this can be improved.


Dog Bite Scar? Yes this can be improved. Typically a combination of surgical removal of the old scar with creation of a irregular (not straight line) new scar that is less obvious to the eye. This is often followed by laser resurfacing or dermabrasion to help further blend in the new scar. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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