Can Doctors Densely and Safely Transplant Up to 200 Hairs Per Sq Cm in African Americans?

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200 hairs per square centimeter is overkill

It is theoretically possible but 200 hairs per square centimeter is an incredibly high density and is not necessary, as even nature does not provide such densities typically. Hair density in African-Americans is naturally not high compared to Caucasians. Hair transplants aim to mimic nature. Thus 200 hairs per square centimeter is overkill. The African-American patient in this video achieved a reasonable result with densities of 45 to 50 per square centimeter.

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There is a limit in hair transplant

The more densely the follicular units are packed, the less succes there is for transplant growth.  This is found in most studies that have addressed this specific issue.  Having 100 FU per square cm is uncessary any way due to the fact that most people with this native density do not have any signs of hair loss.  The success of hair transplants is related to the amount of coverage that one gets.  Most African American patients do not need any where near that amount of coverage. 

Kevin Ende, MD
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Transplanting 200 Hairs Per Sq Cm

Although we can transplant 200 hairs per sq cm, I would never do it.  The success of hair transplants does depend on circulation within the recipient area. That is too many grafts in a small area - the yield would be compromised, regardless of race or ethnic background.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Densely grafted African hair

There are varying degrees of density of hair of patients of African ancestry. Most African Americans are of mixed ancestry so the variations in curl and density are even more. African hair almost always has less native density than Caucasian hair, but the curl gives great coverage. Your question about 200 hairs per square centimeter in a recipient area can be answered as NO from a practical point of view. 200 hairs is essentially 100 follicular units which is more than seen in the average donor area . Therefore, it might be possible to do a small area with the density you discuss , but it would be extremely impractical, would take 2 sessions and all hairs would not survive. It would not be a practical approach for a balding patient.

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Can Doctors Densely and Safely Transplant Up to 200 Hairs Per Sq Cm in African Americans?

With adequate donor area I would say that 55-60 follicles per square cm can be accomplished which is more like 120-140 hairs per square cm. The big question is how big of an area needs coverage, and where on scalp.  The density of the donor area also needs to be taken into consideration as well.  I would highly reccomend a consultation.


Dr. Malouf

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