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Can a doctor remove scar tissue from a rhinoplasty if there's a graft in the nose?

I have thick oily skin and have had two setbacks w/ healing after revision rhino w/tip elevation--one an accident at 6 weeks, another b/c I hit a blood vessel pushed under the skin. I'm not 4 months post-op & the medpor tip top graft is intact, but there is a huge ball at the end of my nose. I am incredibly uncomfortable b/c the fluid buildup. Can a surgeon safely remove scar tissue after rhinoplasty if there's an implant, w/out full revision? (He is against kenalog injections.) When?

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Scar tissue removal after rhinoplasty


Without viewing any photos, it's difficult to answer your question specifically; however, most surgeons would not go back at this stage (4 months out) to do anything surgically. You really need to wait a full year before considering this. If the problem is excessive scar tissue, it certainly can be removed at the time of a revision procedure irrespective of the implant used, although it's a bit more challenging with Medpor. If I am concerned about excess scar tissue, I will usually offer kenalog injections sometimes as soon as 2 weeks after surgery. They are quite effective. Good luck.

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Can a doctor remove scar tissue from a rhinoplasty if there's a graft in the nose?


Hard to know without an exam, but, with your description, you probably have a great deal swelling remaining at this time. Scar tissue can be removed in the future.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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