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Doctor Said my Mom Would Be Left with an Open Wound Because of the Radiation?

Hello, My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer back in april .They were sucessful removing it and followed it with radiation. She has since developed a large hematoma which became extremely infected. Dr. told her that they have to do surgery, but because of all the radiation the skin is damaged and she'll be left with an open wound. Isnt that dangerous, because she can devolope another infection? Can skin graphing help in this situation? Also Dr.said her breast would be deformed. Im scared for her

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Open Wound after Radiation for Breast Cancer


Open wounds are always a problem and should be closed as soon as possible. Even after radiation, a skin graft or secondary closure should be done as soon as the wound is clean and the infection controlled. An open wound until this time, when properly cared for, should not be dangerous to your mom. Both procedures, however, can be problematic and may require more than one surgery to complete. Once the wound is healed and the scarring has settled down she can consider breast reconstruction to match the two breasts.


Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Breast Radiation


Radiated tissue heals very slowly. The radiation injury can be of varying degree.Adding the hematoma does not help the radiated tissue healing. If there was infection, that need to be controlled then one need a thorough assessment of the tissue and the degree of radiation injury.

Though we do not know if yor Mother got a lumpectomy and radiation or a mastectomy and radiation. Once the infection is controlled then a Ltissmuss dorsi flap will bring good amount of blood supply to the radiated tissue and the chances of healing is much improved. The Latissmus dorsi will also help with the breast deformity and final reconstruction.

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