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Why Didn't My Anemia and Platelet Levels Not Show Up in My Bloodwork? Was it Not Checked?

I recently had liposuction with fat grafting to buttocks. This is a physician that does many, many of these procedures but for some reason when I was to come out from general anesthesia my blood pressure dropped and I was hospitalized in ICU for four days. After receiving 5 units of blood, they were finally able to stabilize my blood pressure. I was told I was extremely anemic and platelet levels were low. If present, wouldn't this have been revealed in my pre-surgery blood work?What happened?

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Bleeding after liposuction

Pre-surgery blood work is not always done. Especially in healthy young people.

If you had lab work done, it would include an anemia test.

It would not necessarily include a platelet test, unless you had bled in the past.

What happened?

Either bleeding during surgery made you anemic and used up your platelets. 

Or you have a pre-existing disorder of red cells and platelets which made you bleed. 

To tell which, your surgeon or a second opinion (plastic surgeon or hematologist or both), would review your lab results before and after surgery.

Sorry this happened. Glad you came through it!


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