Could my Diagnosis of Mondor's Syndrom Actually Be Capsular Contracture?

I found a hard, tender, cord like mass in my left breast. I went to Dr. who diagnosed it as Mondors syndrom. I have had breast implants for 3 years now. I can feel slight rippling in the bottom outer quadrant of my breast, could what they think is a swollen vein actually be scar tissue?

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Could my Diagnosis of Mondor's Syndrom Actually Be Capsular Contracture


it is quite unusual to form a Mondor cord after the initial recovery period unless you are nursing so this sounds a bit unusual and may be the early stages of a cc.

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Mondor's Cord and Breast Augmentation


Mondor's cord is the inflammation and possible thrombosis of a superficial vein and this "cord" normally crosses the breast creast.  This is not a complication and usually not related to capsular contracture or post-augmenation problem.  This should resolve with ibuprofen and warm compresses, and will likely not impact the breast healing process.  The fact that this is occurring 3 years after your breast augmentation procedure is more uncommon, and perhaps warrants a repeat visit or second opinion.  Best of luck.

Vincent P. Marin, MD
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Mondor's Syndrom vs. capsular contracture


Photo would help. But my guess is there is no relationship between capsular fibrosis and Mondor's Syndrome. Seek local opinions.

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Not likely


Although it is not common to develop a Mondor's cord 3 years after breast augmentation, it is not likely that a plastic surgeon mistook a capsular contracture for one.  Capsular contracture doesn't usually present as a cord.  Mondor's superficial thrombophlebitis responds well to warm compresses and nonsteroidal medications (ibuprofen, naprosyn).  Good luck!

Kenneth R. Francis, MD
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Mondor's is not the same as capsular contracture with breast implants


Although it is a bit unusual to have Mondor's develop 3 years after augmentation, it is very unlikely to be a manifestation of CC. It is theoretically possible to have both but I have never seen that. The Mondor's cord, which always occurs on the bottom of the breast across the fold, typically responds well to a steroid injection (something similar to cortisone) directly into it.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Mondors or capuslar contracture


In all fairness without examining you I can not really say what it is.  Mondor's is very different than a capsular contracture.  And rippling shows the outline of the implant through thin skin.

Steven Wallach, MD
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