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Developed Dark Spots on Face After Having Facial/extractions. Is Chemical Peel a Good Treatment?

A month ago, I had severe acne (hormonal & stress) and most were located on my forehead. I went to an aesthetician to extract the acne and developed these really dark spots (hyperpigmentation - Asian skin) on my forehead. I tried to cover it up with makeup but did not do well since I broke out from it as well, thus, causing more spots on my face. It is causing me to be self conscious and stressing me even more. Is chemical peel a good treatment for my skin? Your advise is greatly appreciated.

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Dark Spots on Face


If you developed dark spots on your face with extractions, I would not recommend a peel.  You may want to consider hydroquinone cream to help reduce the pigmentation.


Good Luck.

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New York Plastic Surgeon
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This is inflammatory hyperpigmenation.


The fact that you skin darked after an extraction facial is a very good reason not to have a chemical peel of the face.  I recommend that you be very careful out there regarding skin services for the face to avoid this type of hyperpigmentation.  Often with time these spots to fade somewhat.

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Los Angeles Oculoplastic Surgeon
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