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Can You Develop a Nasal Mucocele from Closed Reduction for Nasal Fracture and Septoplasty?

I am at my wits end trying to workout what is wrong with my nose, i had those procedures done 2 months ago and i still have this very unpleasant pressure pain feeling across my nose and it feels all soft and spongy. I also have a slight bump on the bridge. The doc said it takes time to heal and i took antibiotics in case of a sinus infection but nothing has changed. Im finding it hard to believe at 2 months there would be 0 improvement in swelling so im wondering if it is this or scar tissue

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Healing after nasal surgery


This could be sensory nerve damage from the initial injury and/or surgery. The good news is this may only be temporary but it may take 6 or more months total to know for sure. Prior to that 6 months though there should be some degree of improvement if it is the nerve. 2 months is insufficient time to know what the contributions of nerve damage and/or swelling is.

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