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What Procedure is Better for Skin Tightening & Fat Lipo or Vaser? Had Lipo 7 Yrs Ago.

Hello, I had traditional lipo done 7 years ago by a doc who had to shut down shop...he was no good! I have some lumps/uneven "fat" on my upper abs. I would like fat transfer to the butt. One doctor wants to use vaser & the other smart lipo. I definitely need my skin tightened but what about the fat being destroyed? I'm confused. Please help

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Smart Lipo vs. Vaser

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Vaser technology will not destroy the fat cells.  Vaser will leave your fat cells viable for transfer.  You can also use traditional liposuction to harvest viable fat cells for transfer also.  Skin tightening, depending on the integrity of your skin (i.e. lack of stretch marks), will occur to a certain extent with smart lipo, slim lipo and vaser by heating the collagen layer and stimulating a healing response. 

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What Procedure is Better for Skin Tightening & Fat Lipo or Vaser? Had Lipo 7 Yrs Ago

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Much more important that the technology is the surgeon. Choose the one in whom you have more confidence. Look at patient photos. The biggest names in fat transfer use first generation liposuction--a cannula attached to a suction machine, and get great results.

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