Am I A Good Candidate For Dermal Grafting for Acne Scars? (photo)

I have heard about people who had great results of up to 95% reduction of their acne scar with dermal grafting, and its results are permanent. Do you think such procedure would suit me? I am looking for permanent solutions, are there any alternatives? What kind of price range am I looking at? Thanks.

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Acne Scar Treatment with dermal grafting


95% improvement from dermal grafting is pretty good. I think that this is on the higher end of expectations. Acne scarring is challenging. Dermal grafting could mean punch grafts taken from somewhere else and implanted into your skin and the scars. Sometimes this can lead to differences in color and texture and is obvious. I would suggest a multilayered approach and co2 laser resurfacing

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Dermal grafting and acne scarring


Dermal grafting is exceptionally difficult, painful, and expensive. While patients may experience good improvement, it is not a tried-and-true treatment for acne scarring and is still in the beginning stages of research.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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Dermal grafting for acne scars


It is always very difficult to give an opinion of this nature from a photo.  However, I usually do not perform dermal grafting for acne scars; however, it is a viable option for depressed acne scars that can be released and elevated with dermal material.  However, it requires making a small incision or entry to insert the grafts; these small entry wounds can be associated with small scars themselves.

Our preference is to elevate these scars via a larger bore needle and inject a filler or even saline to stimulate your own collagen ingrowth and remodeling.  This process can take many treatments.

Certain ice pick scars may be better excised.  (This determination requires a face to face consultation.)

One or more fractional laser resurfacing after these above steps can further improve the results.

Acne scars are not completely reversible.  Improvement is the goal.  Expect multiple treatments and verying techiniques to achieve the best possible result.

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