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Not Sure Dental Crowns Are the Best Choice for Me but Don't Know What I Should Do?

I am a 35 y/old male. When I was 10, my parents pulled my 2 front teeth b/c they were very large and crooked! Plan was to pull the next 4 upper teeth fwd., and get crowns when I was an adult. 5 years in braces and a huge gap! At 15, braces came off, had some kind of fake crown put on, still huge gap! I guess parents thought that was good b/c I was on my own from there. 3 yrs ago, paid dentist for 4 crowns, never had them installed. he can't get 6 teeth in the avail area, only 4, desperate

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Treatment choices and solutions

After reading your brief story I have solution for you. What you need is a restorative specialist who knows how to manage anterior aesthetic cases. Find a good prosthodontist in your area and go for consultation. Prosthodontist will analyze your aesthetic and functional needs and will solve your complicated situation. Good luck!

Cleveland Cosmetic Dentist
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Missing teeth and Spacing Issues

It sure sounds like you have a problematic issue. Without seeing your mouth or x-rays, ideally, the best treatment is to put the teeth in the right place orthodontically and then replace the missing teeth with bridges or implants/crowns. Short of that approach, a trial run can be tested out with Imaging, Diagnositc Waxup, and/ or Mocking up the teeth in various scenarios.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Cosmetic Dentist
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