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Deep Lateral Lines Under Eyes- Other Options?

i had botox on my eyes,it cleared up the lines at the sides of my eyes,but the lines underneath my eyes,and wrinkles that run undre my eyes.and from the side of my eyes in straight lines down to my cheek bones r so bad,and i have been told they dnt do botox under the eyes,how can i clear up ths problem, i look so old and its making me unhappy!!

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Some line around the lower eyelids just can't be treated well with botox or Fraxel


One can relax the muscles on the sides of the eyelids and help lessen the crows' feet but the smile muscles, which you don't want to decrease function, contribute to the crows' feet also. Even if you smoothen the skin significantly and reduce the sundamage with Fraxel laser resurfacing in this area, the lines will return once you smile again.  Sometimes fillers when used cautiously for superficial lines can help. Sometimes a couple of units of Botox near the cheek bone may help, but caution is advised as there is a risk of affecting the smile muscles.  Vertical lines from the crows feet down the cheek could indicate sleep creases.  You may want to consider trying to sleep on your back.

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Botox unlikely to improve deep under eye wrinkles


Botox can improve wrinkles to the side of the eyes (crow's feet), but the wrinkles you are describing are likely a combination of volume loss in the face and possible UV damage from sun exposure.  Combination treatment with volume replacement from injectables and possible laser resurfacing would compliment treatment with Botox for the crow's feet.

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Lasers for under eye wrinkles


Laser treatments for wrinkles under the eye can provide great results, but you need to see a very experienced laser physician when treating this delicate area.

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Deep Lateral Lines Under Eyes?


Hi Shelly.  For lateral lines under the eyes, you have several options including lasers, injection products and surgery.  To know which one is most appropriate we would need to see a picture.  Our preference is normally for Restylane injections (tear trough procedure) or surgery. 

Although we use lasers extensively, they kinds of lines you are describing may have more to do with volume loss or muscle contraction and these issues are better addressed with injections and surgery than lasers.  Good luck.

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Deep Lateral Lines Under Eyes- Other Options?


Always best to be seen in person. But a combination of the BOTOX + fillers or fat grafts help. Last resort is surgery. 

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Lines below eyes


Without an exam it is hard to say what exactly can help the lines. If they are fine lines sometimes different ablative lasers can be helpful.

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Under eye lines

I'm glad that the Botox improved your lateral eyelid wrinkles. To improve the lines under your eyelids, you should consider hyaluronic acid, such as Restylane, to restore the contour of the upper check and fill in the hollows. Frequently, once one issue involving facial aging is addressed, patients become more aware of additional problems which can be corrected. You may also be a candidate for lower lid blepharoplasty but this can only be determined during a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.
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There are two types of wrinkles:  dynamic and statis.  Dynamic wrinkles are causes by muscle motion and can be improved by botulinum toxin which weakens muslces.  Static wrinkles are present at rest, which can be improved by laser, peel, and/or surgery.  Botox can help with some wrinkles under eyes while surgery/peel/laser may be needed for others.  You need a personal evaluation.

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Botox, fillers and laser as well as surgery to treat wrinkles under the eyes


All non invasive treatments such as Botox, Restylane and laser treatment combined (laser treatment at a different setting) are much better when used to compliment each other but need to be repeated. A more permanent solution would be a skin only lower eyelid Blepharoplasty (with special methods to avoid ectropion when needed) may be more permanent although non will completely eliminate all lines since most of those lines are created by smiling which you want to keep natural!! Good luck

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Lasers vs. Fillers


It's a very difficult zone.

I think that Cynosure fractional Laser would be a good solution.

In the other hand, fillers like NTCF (Filorga) or Juvederm Hydrate (Allergan) or Restylane Vital (Galderma-QMed), are a good choice. They are soft enough fillers that do never overcorrect (they don't create noticeable deformities when motion).

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