Deep Horizontal Crease on Upper Lip when Smiling? (photo)

What are the best alternatives to botox in correcting an upper lip horizontal crease? I tried it once and basically, lost movement in my upper lip. I am embarrassed to smile any more. The crease is actually much longer in person than the picture shows, due to lighting. It is immediately noticeable when I smile. The other day, a friend's very young daughter asked me to smile because she wanted to see my "moustache". Help!!!

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Upper Lip Crease


This horizontal lip crease is not uncommon and occurs due to contraction of a muscle between the nose and upper lip. There are two main treatments for this problem, one surgical and the other injectable Botox. Botox is simple and for 4 months will inhibit contraction of the muscle which eliminates the crease. A surgical procedure to divide the muscle through an incision behind the lip offers a more permanent solution. Before deciding on a surgical procedure I would recommend trying the Botox first to make sure the muscle is the direct cause.

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