Deep Hole Just Under my Lower Lip: In the last 5 years i have 2 fat injections and 1 tissue-skin grafting in it.

in the last 5 years i have 2 fat injections and 1 tissue-skin grafting in it. My problem starts just at then end of the lower lip. Just under the center of the lower lip there is a huge space. My lower lip is plump naturally but the space just there makes my lip even shapeless. 2 fat injections did nothing and skin-facia graft helped just very little bit. My surgeon suggested me some temporary fillers but im not sure about that. Do you think what shoulod i use, temporary or permanent?

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Filling the tissue under the lip

Hi John,

It appears that three attempts at a permanent typr of graft have not worked. I would suggest that you try an HA (hyalluronic acid) filler and see if you like the results. It should be fairly easy to give you enough volume in the area and the results should last you about a year or so. If you like the result you can touch up the area with smaller amounts of the same filler every nine to twelve months to maintain the effect long term. I hope this helps.

Dr. Andres Gantous

Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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