If I Decide to Go for a Revision Rhinoplasty What Will Be the Procedure in my Case? (photo)

I have posted before that I had a open rhinoplasty 1st of March 2011, I have been checked by a otorhinolaryngologist and it has confirmed that I have a small deviation in my right side, I have attached a picture which it shows more of less where is the deviation which it creates like protuberance and then it bothers me a bit more than normal. I wonder, if I decided to take a revision, what should be the procedure, if It should be done again open? and if it is a minor correction?

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Need for Revision Rhinoplasty


I'm sorry but the lines you have drawn make it difficult to determine if your nose is deviated or the nasal structures are asymmetrical. These 2 problems would bee treated very differently.A picture of the base of your nose would also be helpful.

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