Rhinoplasty Surgery 5 Weeks Ago- Has My Nose Been Overcorrected? (photo)

Is This Ideal Nose Proportion? I wanted some correction with natural looking nose.Before Op. my nose had bony elevation at the nasal bridge with descended nasal tip), now after 6 wks. post op. I'm really worry that the change that took place was more than what I wanted, my concerns that my nose has shortened and elevated upward which is not suitable with my face proportions. please let me know your opinion if this nose is considered ideal or there's possibility for revision. Attached Ant. and Lt. veiws. Many thanks 

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I think you are still swollen and are being hypercritical. Give it some more time before you judge the result. The nose currently does not look too short. When it is too short all of the nostril opening is visible on a straight forward view. You are far from that condition.

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Rhinoplasty Surgery 5 Weeks Ago- Has My Nose Been Overcorrected? (photo)

Without seeing before photos very hard to respond. The postop photos look early as you stated six weeks. Healing in rhinoplasty can take 6 months or more. 

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At 6 weeks it is way too early to see the final result. The nose is still very swollen.  It owuld have helped to see pre-op photos as well.

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Overcorrected Nose

You have a very reasonable result for 6 weeks after a rhinoplasty and I don't feel it's been overcorrected. With your thicker skin it will take up to a year for you to appreciate the final result. Revision is always possible,  but that is not something to consider at this time. I will be surprised if your not ultimately happy with your new nose.

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