Seven Days Post Injections, Was I Overfilled?

Recently relocated & put in strong effort to find qualified, certified PS... Have had radiesse injected under the eyes for years with fantastic results & no problems after... The PS I went to preferred to use Bella Terra. I have used warm/cold compresses, per his instructions, with no change. He now wants me to start a medrol dose pack. I have significant bags under both eyes-did not have before-and am seriously concerned. Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks.

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Seven Days Post Injections, Was I Overfilled?

Most fillers require a minimum of 2 weeks to settle before seeing your final result, I suggest you re-visit you provider for a follow up exam

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Seven Days Post Injections, Was I Overfilled?

Give it a full 2-3 weeks for the product to settle before seeing your final result. If you're completely unhappy, you could visit your medical provider and have hyaluronidase injected to dissolve the product

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Bags after fillers

This might be an accumulation of fluid. You can massage gently. I would give it another week otr two before paniking as this is likely to reslove on its own.

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