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Day 5 After Tca Peel? Is the Redness and White Patches Normal? (photo)

i had a tca peel done 5 days ago, i know i shouldnt have but ive been helping the skin along by peeling some parts that were peeling off, not peepling the skin to the point it was sore or stinging, i was wondering if this picture looks right for 5 days in, if the redness will go and the skin seems alot lighter on my temple areas even close to white, will the pigment come back or is that permenant hypopigmentation

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Day 5 After Tca Peel? Is the Redness and White Patches Normal?


Thanks for the question and posted photos. Was this self applied? Or did a doctor peel you? If self applied allow another week of healing maybe useaquafor ointments. No sun exposure for 3 months and use sunscreen. If doctor applied contact the doctor for directions an care. 

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