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Are Dark Red Spots Around Nose Normal After IPL Treatment?

I had my first IPL treatment yesterday and overall have just had the side effects that I was told about and expecting (some swelling under my eyes, spots gone darker) but what I wasn't told about or expecting is to have some really dark red spots around my nose in places where I originally didn't have anything (no broken capillaries there before at all). Is this normal or did I possibly get damaged by the laser? They worry me because they are so dark. Will they go away?

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Purpura can happen after IPL

Thanks for your question and for uploading those photos.  The name for what you're seeing is purpura, and happens as a result of breakage of a blood vessel under the skin.  Although not always seen following IPL, it can happen, especially around the nose.  Although inconvenient in the short term (it may take a week or so to resolve, similar to a bruise), the good news is that it means those vessels were severely damaged by the laser and are likely to resolve!

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