What Are My Options For Dark Circles Around the Eyes?

Ive had dark circles since i was born, there a purple green color maybe a little brown and they kinda go in like, a dent. I have viens you can see and its thin, I hate them they look kinda dark in the natural day light but in other lights i look awful and like im on crack , i hate them so very much i cant afford plastic surgery and im only 16 so what now ?

Doctor Answers (1)

Correction of Dark Circles Under Eyes requires Arcus Release and Fat Grafting

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The most definitive solution for Dark Circles Under the Eyes that you describe requires plumping of the depression beneath the lower eyelid. It is a surgical procedure thatb utilizes Fat Grafting to plump this area. You will need to wait until you are at least 18.

Veins and pigment can be treated with IPL-Intense Pulsed Light.

Avoid filler injections-they are dangerous and can make the Dark Circles worse.

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