Custom Breast Implants For Revision?

I currently have 510ccs saline implants with submuscular placement, which makes it VERY difficult to achieve cleavage. I stand 6 ft tall with a broad chest, & was wondering if there are custom sized silicone gel implants that can offer the diameter of moderate profile implants but with the projection of high profile implants? One surgeon suggested a breast lift + 800ccs high profile. Another suggested a double lumen implant filled to 1000ccs. Thoughts are appreciated.

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Exchanging Implants

It's very difficult to predict cup size after surgery. I ask patients to print out photos of what they want to achieve as well as photos that are too big and too small.  In the operating room, I use temporary sizers to figure out what size / profile implant will give the patient the "look" they are looking for.  I think it's too much responsibility for the patient if they have to select the implant size (because how do you know what a specific implant size will look like?).  I would want to examine you and/or have a discussion as to your "goals" to be more specific.  The largest silicone implant is 800cc... 800cc saline implants can be overfilled to a larger volume.  Larger implants have their own potential risks and complications but for larger body types, sometimes this is the option to achieve their goals.

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