What Cup Size Will I Be? (photo)

I had surgery on 8/30/13. I started as a 34B, 5'7", 140lbs and had 300cc silicone gel implants put in. I've included some before and after pictures to find out where I'll be once the implants have settled.

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Cup size


Cup sizes are not standardized.  They vary by designer.  So its difficult to answer your question. But based on your photos you probably will be somewhere in the C cup range.

Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Cup size


Looks like you have a great result.

Anticipate that the swelling in the breast will decrease about 10-20% from immediately after the operation. 

For the time being just wear your post-op garment, wait for it to settle and then worry about what cup sized bra to buy.


Pouria Moradi, MBBS, FRACS
Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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Cup size after breast augmentation


Hard to guestimate your cup size but in general a 300 cc implant should increase your breast size by aobut 1 1/2 cup sizes.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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What Cup Size Will I Be?


Your augment looks good and you will notice changes over the next several months. Bra sizes vary from company to company but you look like a large C cup. You can probably buy new bras now as the implants are already settling nicely.

Kurtis Martin, MD
Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon
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Breast size after augmentation


It looks as though you were a perfect candidate for augmentation and that you will have an excellent result.  You will likely settle into a full C or small D cup, but it depends on the bra.  In any case you look great.

Daniel Greenwald, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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