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Will 500cc Look Too Big on Me?

i,m a cup b i weight 137 lbs. i'm 5'05 tall i'm gonna get breast implants in a few weeks but my big concern is that I dont really knoww what size to chosse. in one of my consultations the dr. recomend me 450cc or 500cc and i like better the 500cc and I want cohesive gel and i dont know if they were high or low profile, but i dont know if they are gonna look to big to my frame, my torax is small, i dont want to look fake ,but at the same time i want to see a diference in my body what will you recomend before choosing a size?

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Will 500cc Look Too Big on Me?

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Very hard to advise without a frontal view of your breasts. The photos posted are over 6 months old. My guess is 500 cc's will make you a D cup easily. I recommend HP style. 

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