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Can upper crooked teeth be straightened without correcting an underbite?

Can upper crooked teeth be straightened without correcting the underbite? I have been advised surgery to fix underbite and I am terrified with the idea of having to go for a surgery (I read lots of negative reviews of surgery and the pain it comes with)...So I was hoping that I will just go for braces to get straight teeth and skip surgery altogether..Will that be possible? Will not going for surgery affect the straightening of teeth? Please suggest.

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Can I get straight teeth and not correct my bite?

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Most orthodontic problems are a combination of a tooth problem and a skeletal problem.  This is why it is easier to fix problems in growing kids rather than adults.

Nobody has a perfect skeletal alignment..but orthodontists can move the teeth to compensate for the bones being out of place.  But, the further off the bones are the more compromising is needed.  At a certain point, it becomes impossible to obtain an ideal result without surgery. This doesn't mean you have to have surgery...sometimes we settle for what we call a "Hollywood smile"...straight teeth and an uncorrected bite....not perfect but better than nothing.

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