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How Much Would It Cost to Repair Gauged Ears That Are Gauged at One Inch?

My boyfriends ears are gauges at a size one inch and they are pretty big holes and we are looking to get them repaired and were wondering how much an estimate would be where we live at and an estimate on how much local anesthesia would probably cost plus the procedure. From FL.

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Earlobe repair

Earlobe repair can usually be done in the office. The cost will depend on complexity and whether one or both ears are involved. Cost can typically range anywhere from $500-1,000 in most normal circumstances.

Earlobe gauge repair

I do a lot of these repairs and I keep my prices reasonable about $300 to $400 per side. Call around and ask about prices. Some surgeons charge an outrageous amount for these repairs which are really quite simple once the surgeon as done a lot of them.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 17 reviews

Earlobe gauge repair cost

In our office we charge $250 for small repairs, such as a torn out or elongated piercing from large earrings. For larger holes due to gauges, which require signficantly more work, we charge $400-$500 per ear.

Matheson A. Harris, MD
Salt Lake City Oculoplastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 6 reviews

Cost of ear lobe repair

Thank you for your question. The cost of surgery depends on the geographic location of the practice and experience of the surgeon. The procedure is done in the office and requires local anesthesia. The results are usually excellent. What you need to do is contact your local plastic surgeons, check their results and go with the one you feel comfortable with. 

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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How much will it cost to close my large gauge holes?

Believe it or not, this is a common question.  When the military recently started awarding large "sign up" bonuses to new recruits, we had an increase in patients requesting closure of the large holes left by Gauges in the ear lobes (the military will not let you in with these in place).

Due to this, I see more patients with requests to close the holes left from gauges.  The procedure is done under local anesthesia and takes about 1 hour.  You can expect to pay between $600-$800 total depending on the size of the holes. Usually, we ask patients to remove the gauges for six weeks to let the skin shrink some before performing the procedure. Hope this helps.  Good luck.

Erez Sternberg, MD
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon
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Cost of Earlobe Reconstruction

Our prices are based on the amount of work required to reconstruct the earlobe.  The typical price range in our office is $750.00 to 1,000.00.


Gauged earlobe repair cost

The typical cost will be from $750-$1500 dollars all inclusive.  It really depends person to person based on the amount of work required.  It is done under local anesthesia in the office.

Closing of Gauged Ears, Torn Earlobes

In regards to gauges, I generally will charge $1000 for the first ear closure and $750 for a second done the same day.  This is a highly technical surgery and one that requires about one hour of surgery per ear to complete well.  I do offer a discount for young people who are closing gauges to enter the military.

Earlobe repair is a separate issue if it is simply a widened or torn piercing.  These are generally repaired for about half the cost depending on severity.

Both are done in office with local anesthetic.  The patients are comfortable throughout the process.

Best of Luck.

Dr. Hobgood

Todd Christopher Hobgood, MD
Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Closure of Gauged Ears?

Thank you for the question.

I'm sure there are many good board-certified plastic surgeons close to you.  You should do your due diligence by checking with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Only by visiting the surgeon's website or office will you learn of his/her specific experience and skill. You will find that costs will vary from one practice to another.

The  repair of the stretched ear lobe is a great procedure that can restore the ear lobe to a “normal” appearance".  Care must be taken during this procedure to avoid reducing the size of the air and/or creating a notch/ depressed appearance in the area of the rim of the ear lobe.   It is usually done under local anesthesia with very high patient satisfaction rates.

I hope this helps.

Cost of Repairing Torn Ear Lobes

Torn ear lobes are repaired under local anesthesia in the office as a comfortable outpatient procedure. The cost varies widely across the country. We charge 700 dollars for the procedure. It looks like we would have been better off practicing in Austin or Baltimore...

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 83 reviews

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