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What Will It Cost to Have my Symptomatic Umbilical Hernia with Diastasis Repair Done by a Plastic Surgeon? Recovery? (photo)

I have horrible bowel problems that are like having the stomach flu several times a week (mostly after eating) and I have pains that start by unbearable tightening in my stomach that hurts so bad that I can barely breathe. Other dr thought it was chrones but ruled that out with scope. New Dr said these were symptoms of my umbilical hernia and diastasis (atleast 2 in separation) and the hernia will come back if I don't repair the diastasis too with a tummy tuck. Insurance agreed to pay.

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What Will It Cost to Have my Symptomatic Umbilical Hernia with Diastasis Repair Done by a Plastic Surgeon? Recovery?

   A tummy tuck probably costs $7000 at the low end and $15000 at the high end.  All of these procedures can be performed together.  Hernia repair and diastasis correction are frequently performed together as well.  Recovery before resuming regular activities after hernia repair is usually 6 weeks.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Hernia repair and Tummy Tuck done together

Thank you for your question. Insurance should cover their hernia repair but will not cover a cosmetic Tummy Tuck. In my state insurance will not cover a diastasis repair.

when hernia repair is combined with a tummy tuck procedure I prefer to have a general surgeon do the hernia repair and I do these diastasis repair in tummy Tuck at the same operation.

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Umbilical Hernia with Diastasis Repair

First of all, these symptoms do not sound typical for an umbilical hernia, and diastasis rectus is typically without any symptoms. I would be quite surprised if the procedures you are considering have any effect on the problems you are having. The hernia and the diastasis are rather unrelated, and fixing the hernia should take care of that problem regardless of the diastasis. 

If your insurer is covering these procedures, they would be the ones to ask about the extent of the coverage. 

All the best. 

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